Riccio (sea urchin) aims to merge science to design by exploiting the characteristics of iron powder when subjected to a magnetic field. A cubic space holds inside characteristic structures created thanks to the influence of different sized magnets. The disposition of the magnets allows creating constantly new configurations by arranging the iron powder grains within the circumscribed space of the cube.

The appearance and the size of iron powder structures changes depending on the magnet’s force of attraction. The design plays on the contrast and the balance between the solid and rigorous shape of the cube which holds inside dynamic and fluid magnetic shapes.

Riccio was Exibited

The project was presented at the exhibition "Equilibrio in forme - La danza del design" curated by Prof. Massimo Ciafrei and Prof. Giordano Bruno (Venice, Italy).

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Riccio was Published

The project was also published in the Book "Imagine Math 6: Between Culture and Mathematics" by Michele Emmer and Marco Abate.

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DESIGN BY: Jovita Kaulinyte

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